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Resize Your Images Before You Upload | Free Online Image Editors

Using Free Online Photo Editors To Resize ImagesVideo Tutorial

Happy customers are buying customers so it makes business sense to make your website as fast as possible. In other words angry frustrated customers will leave your website fast if it takes a long time to load so make sure it does load fast! 
Before you upload your pictures and images into your website File Manager you will want to optimize and re-size the picture into a reasonable file size-100KB or less. You don't even have to buy a professional photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop although you can if you like. You don't even need to download or sign up for some of these online tools-there are good free online based photo editing websites that you can upload your pics and edit them online then save a copy at a reasonable file size. is a good one for example. Also check out fotor.

Once you resize the images and save a copy to your computer you are now ready to upload that picture into your CMS website's File Manager. Watch the video below for clarification.